I have been so BLESSED! I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to create this incredible company and bring you the most exotic and nourishing oil ever. So it’s important for me to acknowledge those blessings and to be able to hopefully bless others. I truly believe that what goes around comes around.

I believe that if you do good things in the world, you will get good things back. My Christian faith drives that belief. Giving back should come from the heart, and I believe that whatever you do in life should have purpose and be fulfilling.

I obviously have a deep love for the sea but I also have a profound love for animals. The organizations below reflect those loves.

Animal Rescue– I donate to a no kill animal rescue in my hometown. There are so many wonderful animals out there that just need a forever home. If I could adopt them all, I would. Since I can’t, I want to make sure that I do my part in helping out with the costs of housing and vet bills for these wonderful souls until they can be adopted out.




Oceanic Society-Logo-Vertical-blueOceanic Society- This organization has been doing ocean conservation work since 1969. They do everything from coral reef monitoring to threatened species research. What makes Oceanic Society so awesome is that they actually allow you take part in the conservation efforts, not just by donating money but by also donating your time. They offer volunteer vacations that allow you to take part in and assist with this much needed research. These are hands-on vacations, and what a learning experience!



Go on over and take a peek at their site:


These are a few of the ways that I give back. Find your way.