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OK, so you’ve tried all the latest beauty oils and you’re exhausted with it. Believe me,  I get it.  However, I would be a terrible person if I didn’t introduce to you another one. Not just any one, but the most exquisite one.  Tahitian Monoï Oil is the mother of all oils and it’s my go to oil treatment.  I am absolutely in love with this stuff which is why I created an entire product line around it, which you can find right here.

If you haven’t tried this magnificent oil, now is definitely the time.

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What Is it

Tiare Flowers - monoï oil

I am so glad you asked!  This oil was born in the South Pacific Islands of Tahiti and has actually been used for thousands of years by the Maori people of the South Pacific.  They used it in every part of their lives from cosmetics, medicinal, and even in religious practices.  It was the essence of both body and soul. Monoï Oil is prepared by macerating (soaking) Tiare Flowers (Gardenia tahitensis) otherwise known as the Tahitian Gardenia in refined Coprah oil (Coconut Oil). The Tiare Flower has an absolutely exquisite fragrance and the coconuts used in the creation of Monoï Oil are only grown on the coral sands of French Polynesia. The flowers must soak in the oil for a minimum of 10 days.

This luxurious oil is prepared under very strict guidelines. These guidelines dictate the creation process as well as guarantee the origin (French Polynesia) of all Monoï Oil. So you can be sure that if it was not prepared in French Polynesia, it is not authentic. Be sure you check the origin because with any product that works as amazingly as this oil, there are plenty of knock-off’s. We only use authentic Monoï Oil in all of our products.

Commercial manufacturing of Monoï Oil began in 1942 and ever since then, we’ve been awestruck with this amazing oil.


Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s talk about why this stuff is the bomb diggity.  Yes, I said bomb diggity (I know, I took it way back).    It’s super hydrating and keeps your skin moisturized all day.  YES ma’am, I said all day!  Now I don’t know about you but I love to have soft supple and moisturized skin. I use this stuff all year long, even when my skin isn’t so dry.  I especially love it during the summer when I’ve been in the sun and of course during the winter when my skin is so dry it feels like alligator hide!  It’s super soothing and it’s not greasy like some other oils.

I also use it in my hair, I put a small amount in the ends of my hair while it’s damp before I dry it and if needed I put a little extra in to tame the frizz during the day, and the smell, OMG, it’s just intoxicating.  This is the most moisturizing and versatile oil that I have ever used.  I am totally in love!   That’s why I’ve included it in all of my current products and while it will be included in all of my future products.  It’s just that good, actually; it’s just that awesome.

Why is it so special?

Moni Oil_Tiare

This is such an easy question.  It’s so special because it works and also because it’s rare and exclusive.  Monoï Oil is only made in French Polynesia, not the US, not England, not anywhere else except for the French Polynesian Islands and for a girl who loves anything salt, sand and water; well, that’s just awesome.

  • It has been scientifically tested and proven to have emollient, soothing and purifying effects on the skin and provides long-lasting moisturization. Scientists claim that Monoï ‘s benefits are comparable to or even superior to the effects shea butter and jojoba oil on the skin. What’s that you say?  Yes, you read that right, it’s comparable or even superior to these other amazing ingredients.
  • It’s versatile. It can be used in the hair, as an after sun oil, a massage oil, even an everyday body oil.  I even use it as my primer before I put my make-up on (a little goes a long way).
  • The scent is exquisite. It takes you away to a far-away island that literally makes you forget all your troubles.  That’s why I call it my endless summer.

Here’s the bottom line; if you want super smooth, super sexy and just healthy, moisturized and nourished skin, you’ve got to try this stuff.  Its uses are immeasurable; from cosmetics to hair care and most definitely skincare. Its purpose is to uplift, energize and nourish the body and soul. It speaks of endless summers and intoxicating beauty rituals that trace back thousands of years. If something has been around for thousands of years, then obviously it works!

More Info

You can find more information on this exotic oil at The Monöi Institute. They are a wealth of information and have really been the driving force in educating the masses about this wonderful oil.

All Monoï and Tiare  Flower photos courtesy of Bruce Soyez Bernard/ Monoï Institute and are copyrighted.

Monoï Botanicals photos are property of Monoï Botanicals, LLC and are copyrighted.

Let me know!

Have you tried Monoï Oil? Do you love it? If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for?! Head on over to my shop and get your Monoï on!

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