Pure Monoï OilBorn in the exotic Pacific Islands, pure Monoï Oil (or Sacred Oil) is truly a gift from the heavens. While we can’t be sure when Monoï Oil was first created, it can be traced back 2000 years to the Maori People. The Maori used Monoï Oil in every part of their lives including for medicinal, cosmetic and religious practices. It was the essence of both body and soul.

Pure Monoï Oil

Monoï Oil is prepared by macerating Tiare Flowers (Gardenia tahitensis) in refined Coprah oil (Coconut Oil). The Tiare Flower has an absolutely exquisite fragrance and the coconuts used in the creation of Monoï Oil are only grown on the coral sands of French Polynesia. The flowers must soak in the oil for a minimum of 10 days. Monoï Oil is prepared under very strict guidelines. These guidelines dictate the creation process as well as guarantee the origin (French Polynesia) of all Monoï Oil. So you can be sure that if it was not prepared in French Polynesia, it is not authentic.

Commercial manufacturing of Monoï Oil began in 1942. Since then, we’ve been awestruck with this amazing oil. Its uses are immeasurable; from cosmetics to hair care and most definitely skincare. Its purpose is to uplift, energize and nourish the body and soul. It speaks of endless summers and intoxicating beauty rituals that trace back thousands of years.  It’s new beauty with a mix of old beauty.  It’s an oil of legend and it’s origins are nothing short of amazing!

Monoï Botanicals only uses authentic Monoï Oil in their products.

endless summers and intoxicating beauty rituals,
meant to nourish both body and soul

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Monoi Botanicals Bath Products
Monoi Botanicals Body Products
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Monoi Botanicals Bath Products
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